Calm Before the Political Storm in Washington

June 26, 1864

Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, a former Ohio governor, has been stirring up a hornet’s nest regarding patronage in New York – which will culminate later in the week. Meanwhile, another former Ohio Governor William Dennison writes President Lincoln to seek redress for an army officer who had been dismissed as an assistant quartermaster: “I have had a conversation with Capt [Francis] Hurtt, who will present this note, in relation to his trial of which he spoke to you yesterday– He has explained to me the situation of his case as far as he understands it, and given me the reasons why he is anxious for an early & as he hopes a favorable decision–I write for the purpose of respectfully asking that the case may be early disposed of & of expressing the hope that the decision may be favorable to the Capt– He has already suffered very much from the prosecution, as you can readily appreciate.”

Former Illinois Senator Orville H. Browning writes in his diary: “During the past week, the President visited Grants army, and returned only a day or two ago — He told me last night that Grant said, when he left him, that ‘you Mr President, need be under no apprehension.   You will never hear of me farther from Richmond than now, till I have take it. I am just as sure of going into Richmond as I am of any future event. It may take a long summer day, but I will go in.’   The President added that Grant told him that in the Wilderness he had completely routed Lee, but did not know it at the time — and that had he known it, he could have ruined him, and ended the campaign.”

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