President Lincoln Inquires About the Cost of Horse Feed

November 29, 1864

President Lincoln writes U.S. Marshal Ward H. Lamon: “Will Col Lamon please say, what at present prices, the feed for two horses & two ponies, would cost, per month.”

Journalist Noah Brooks writes: “People who visit the White House usually have a free range over the East Room and one or two of the adjoining parlors; accordingly, relic-hunters…have acquired the practice of cutting out and carrying off bits of rich carpet, damask hangings, and even large pieces of fringe, cords, tassels, gilt scrollwork, and the covering of damask sofas. A few weeks ago an army officer was caught in company with two ladies who had his penknife and were cutting out a square of red brocade from one of the East Room chairs while he stood guard. The ladies were let off and the officer was sent to the Old Capitol Prison. Yesterday, a man in the garb of a private soldier was caught skinning off the damask cover of a sofa. He was sent to the guardhouse. Well might an astonished Dutchman say, ‘Mine Gott, vat a peoples!”’”

President Lincoln writes nine northern governors the same identical letter: “May I renew my request for the exact aggregate vote of your State cast at the late election? My object fails if I do not receive it before Congress meets.”

President Lincoln writes General Alvin P. Hovey: “Whenever John B. Castleman shall be tried, if convicted and sentenced, suspend execution until further order from me, and send me the record.”

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