President Lincoln Gets and Invitation and a Request

November 28, 1864

Former New York Mayor George Opdyke writes President Lincoln: “A public meeting of citizens will be held at Cooper Institute on Thursday Evening next, the 3rd December, in response to your call on the Nation for additional volunteers. We beg leave, on behalf of the Committee of Arrangements, to invite you to be present and to Encourage by your voice the active efforts of the loyal men of this City in support of the Union Cause. We need scarcely say that your compliance will afford the highest gratification to the people of this city.”   The President declines to attend.

Illinois State Auditor Jesse K. Dubois writes President Lincoln about his son, a cavalry lieutenant: “Lieut W A Dubois my son telegraphs me from Wilmington Delaware that he has resigned and desires me to aid him in having his resignation accepted. Under all the circumstances (without my going into any reasons, why I think we have been hardly dealt with) I wish you would have his Resignation promptly accepted unless you know some better reason than I can possibly see at this distance, Do this for me, and let the young man come home as I know he is not able in health to be on duty away from careful nursing I should like to be in Washington this winter to see how the Elephants are working” William Dubois had written directly to presidential aide John G. Nicolay the previous day requesting that his resignation be immediately approved on grounds of his poor health.

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