President Ponders Kentucky Election Results

August 22, 1863

President Lincoln is consistently concerned with local election results; he writes Green Adams regarding recent elections in Kentucky: “I see by the papers that with nine counties still out [gubernatorial candidate Thomas] Bramlette has over 50,000 majority. I wish you would ascertain for me the aggregate vote he has received. I wish to see whether it will be a clear majority of the largest vote ever cast in Kentucky. The Presidential vote of 1860 which I suppose to be the largest, was 146,216 and 73,109 would be a clear majority of it.”

President Lincoln writes General Daniel E. Sickles: “Your note and brief, about the California Land Claim, are received. The question presented is a property question, with which I do not think I should meddle as a volunteer. It will save me labor, therefore, if you will first point me to the law which assigns any duty to the President in the case. This done, next send me a reference to the treaty, and all the statutory law which bears upon the case.”

At night, President Lincoln visits Observatory at 23rd and E Streets with John Hay: “The Predt. Took a look at the moon and Arcturus.  I went with him to the Soldiers’ Home & he read Shakespeare to me, the end of Henry VI and the beginning of Richard II till my heavy eye-lids caught his considerate notice & he sent me to bed.”

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