Lincoln Travels from Buffalo to Albany

Edwin D. Morgan

Monday, February 18, 1861

Lincoln entourage leaves Buffalo early for long trip to Albany. Frequent stops are required – at Batavia, Rochester, Clyde, Syracuse, Utica, Little Falls, Fonda, Amsterdam, and Schenectady.

On arrival in Albany, President-elect speaks at railroad station and is greeted by a sign: ‘NO MORE COMPROMISES.” He goes to Delavan House hotel, then speaks at steps of Capital and to joint session of legislature: “You have generously tendered me the united support of the great Empire State. For this, in behalf of the nation, in behalf of the present and future of the nation, in behalf of the civil and religious liberty for all time to come, most gratefully do I thank you. I do not propose to enter into an explanation of any particular line of policy as to our present difficulties to be adopted by the incoming administration. I deem it just to you, to myself and to all that I should see everything, that I should hear everything, that I should have every light that can be brought within my reach, in order that when I do speak, I shall have enjoyed every opportunity to take correct and true ground; and for this reason I don’t propose to speak at this time of the policy of the Government; but when the time comes I shall speak as well as I am able for the good of the present and future of this country — for the good both of the North and the South of this country — for the good of the one and the other, and of all sections of the country.”

Local editor and Republican chief Thurlow Weed, a close ally of Senator William H. Seward, briefly talks to Lincoln at his hotel. Later, Lincoln and a party of 14 dine with Governor Edwin D. Morgan at governor’s mansion. Morgan, a financier, is very worried about the impact of secession on his business and wants some inside information on Lincoln’s intentions. Afterwards, Lincoln attends a raucous reception at his hotel.

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