Lincoln Goes to Congress

Unfinished Capitol

Monday, February 25, 1861

President-elect Lincoln visits Congress. He is guided by New York Senator William H. Seward. Benjamin Brown French, who would become commissioner of buildings under President Lincoln, wrote that this day, he “went early to the Capitol, & then down in the City and did some errands. Returned to the Capitol, and was almost annoyed all day with visitors, some on one sort of business & some on another. Marshall Selden informed me, early in the morning, that Mr. Lincoln was to call on the Supreme Court at 3, at their consultation room. I walked over & saw Mr. L. as he entered the room and came out. He then visited the Senate, and then the House. I happened to be in the rotundo when he passed through on his way to the House, and followed him in. The members congregated around him at once & such a shaking of hands commenced as one seldom sees — cordial — even enthusiastic. After being surrounded for say 10 minutes by his political friends, he passed over the democratic side where he was quite cordially greeted by his political opponents. He remained some 15 or 20 minutes, and then left for his lodgings.”

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