President Gets Information on Endangered Manufacturer

November 13, 1864

Amidst the congratulations being received at the White House for President Lincoln’s reelection, former Secretary of War Simon Cameron writes regarding the controversial case of a Pennsylvania supplier of military uniforms which faces financial ruin:

I would cheerfully write in behalf of Messr Bullock, but have said so much to Mr Stanton, and the President, in proof of its justice, that I fear to injure their cause by more interference. They were the most liberal & faithful friends of the adm. in Phila and, I am sorry to add worse treated than even the copperhead contractors, who are getting rich from the favors of the Government they have been trying to destroy– and they are really the men who have created a prejudice, I fear, against Bullock. It would be a disgrace to let them suffer — especially as the Sec’y & President both said to me their request was just & right

We have made a good fight — and won a great victory, and together, with Ohio & Indiana, we have by our Penn victory saved the Union — for without our battle in Oct. N. York would scarcely have been saved to the administration, but while I thank my friends for the many kind expressions, I want no reward which place can give. The cabinet has no charm for me, who tried it. I wish all men who in our ranks were as easily satisfied.

It is altogether too soon, to get into a [furor?] about the Senate. Two elections more will have to intervene, before the Legislature elects a U. S. Senator. I believe every man nominated this year for the state Senate was my friend and every one elected is. One Mr. Shriner, was defeated by a dozen votes, by, it is said, the great opposition of the State administration — but he is a man who will come up again, in the right time and place, for he has pluck, energy & talents.

Didnt we do well here in Dauphin? The copperheads paraded with a flag after the 8.’ Oct. labeled ” Cameron’s county only 600.” so the boys made the majority 1200, without the soldiers. I was away from home attending to the duties of the state com.

I expect to go to Washington Wednesday evening – and will try to drop into your office Thursday morning.

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