President Discusses Gold and Railroads

November 4, 1864

President Lincoln orders: “The permanent location of the Union Pacific Railroad, for one hundred miles west from Omaha, Nebraska, as shown by the map thereof certified by the President and Secretary of said Company, Oct. 19, 1864, is hereby approved.

Treasury official John A. Stewart, in New York, meets with President Lincoln about a conspiracy to manipulate gold price. Stewart himself was a prominent New York banker.

Mary J. Baldwin, the sister of several Union generals writes President Lincoln`In consideration of the approaching election I feel a delicacy in troubling you. Mrs. Fogg and Mrs Bridges are constantly intreating me to write and beg you pardon [former Confederate Army officer] Robert T.]Bridges as is you can do no better send him to the Penitentary a short time. As you know from the evidence he was tried and convicted for the death of a “Rebel Soldier” — while in the rebel Army– I think he is entitled to some consideration for the deed and indeed the condition of his family is pitiable. Let this and the Young4 case be the first merciful act after your re-election Which thank Heaven is certain–

After the execution of [Mirbey?] nine union men — near Shelbyville [were?] shot in retaliation of his death proving my judgment was correct–

Please Mr President — send to Capt W. H. McLyman now in charge of the Goverment Bakery in this city a commission as Major– He is a splendid officer and so honest and devoted to his duties– Grant me this as a personal favor — and the just reward of well-doing–

Do you know Genl Thomas (God bless the Hero) has appointed me Agent for the Army of the Cumberland — and I am succeeding nicely and have employed the best of counselers and help. Although the Sutlers say they will force the Secty of War to brake up the arraingment– If any thing should occur — I hope you will be true to the daughter & sister of four dead Hero’s–

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