Podiatrist Reports on Jewish Vote in New York

November 3, 1864

The President’s podiatrist, Isachar Zacharie, writes President Lincoln about his efforts to campaign for President Lincoln among Jewish voters in New York:: “I just returned to this city after a trip of 9 days through Pennsylvania and New York state, and I am happy to inform you, that I am satisfied that I have done much good, I now think all is Right — and if we can reduce the Democratic Majority in this city, I shall be satisfied– As regards the Isrelites – with but few Exceptions, they will vote for you, I understand them well, and have taken the precaution — to see that they do as they have promised– I have secured good and trustworthy men to — attend on them on Election Day– My Men have been all the week seeing that their masses are properly Registered — so that all will go right on the 8th ins.

As Regards Pennsylvania, if you knew all — you and your friends would give me much credit — for I flatter myself I have done one of the sharpest things that has been done in the champaigne, will explain it to you when I see you.

I wish to God all was done for I am used up, but 3 years ago, I promised I would elect you, and if you are not it shall not be my fault–

Raymond will inform you that I am doing all I can for him but his choices are very Doubtful l– I should feel very bad if your choices was like his–

I have much to say to you but have been up almost every night — that I am used up– I hope to see you after the fun is over, when I hope you will say

“Well done my good and faithfull servant.”

General Christopher C. Andrews writes President Lincoln about affairs in Arkansas: “Matters remain here about as usual.

The weather has been rainy for three days. We have storehouses however, so that every thing is under good cover. There are now 60.000 sacks of grain in good shelter.

Undoubtedly a rise in the streams will be of advantage to our side. For some weeks past there has been no communication by water between Pine Bluff and Little Rock.

Recently a train of 300 wagons with supplies, left Little Rock for Fort Smith. Maj. Gen. Herron1 accompanied the escort.

I learn on fair authority that the rebel McRay who accompanied Price into Missouri with about 3000 men, is now at Searcy, (sixty miles north west of here).

I have now at this post 4000 troops, the greater part of whom have good winter quarters. I have 500 men at work on fortifications, all of which I hope to have finished in a few days. One of my regiments is the 57th U. S. Infy (Col.) and is at work on the last and heaviest earthwork. I told them the other day I thought if they made a good fort of it we would call it Fort Lincoln which greatly pleased the men and made them shovel faster.

I believe in getting as many colored troops as possible. The more rebels see that they cannot retain slavery the more readily will they quit

General George Meade writes President Lincoln: “Your dispatch of this date directing that execution of the sentence in the cases of Samuel J Smith and George Brown alias George Rock [who had been sentenced to death for desertion] be suspended until further orders has been received The records in their cases were forwarded to the Judge Advocate General some days ago.”


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