President Lincoln Receives Political Reports on Kansas and New York

October 25, 1864

Lincoln’s old Illinois friend Mark Delahay writes: “Kansas safe, [Confederate General Sterling] Price retreating South on the Kansas line, Pleasonton, Blunt & others in pursuit; our Malitia returning to their homes; we have been all playing soldier for the last Ten days — last night several Regiments passed through this City going North, Shouting as they passed ” hurrah for Lincoln” I stood at a Corner and waved my hat to them until they passed; Kansas will give you a large vote; I feel proud of Maryland now she is fine; Your election would seem to be nearly a certainty, I thank God for the prospect, if the Delegates to the Chicago or Cin[cinnati] Peace Convention should come together after it is known that you are elected, such meeting will mean violence and treason, against which a timely and strict preperation should be made; if they utter Sedition in any form they should be arrested by strong hands and held in close custody, I hope you will bear this suggestion in mind.”

From New York, businessman George W. Egleston writes President Lincoln: “Enclosed you will please find a Circular entitled “Slavery and the next President”

The design of this document is to show, 1st That Slavery is the cause of the dissensions between the North and the South. 2nd Its extreme wickedness in the eyes of a great Creator 3rd That the Election of any candidate under the Chicago Platform would encourage this evil. 4th That if there is any in these United States who will cast out Slavery from among us it is you Sir who realize its inhumanity and have given your energies from the first for its extinction.

I have thought it was especially important at this time that no individual should be in the dark as to these facts. I have therefore gotton up this Circular at my own expense, and distributed it.

I beleive it Sir, but a just tribute to say that the Country owes you a debt of gratitude for your efforts to abolish Slavery and establish free labor, and I beleive and expect that your fellow-Countrymen will show their appreciation of your efforts on the 8th of November next by again causing your Election.

I submit this Sir to you, and did I know that it meets your approval should feel most happy as I feel happy in paying you this just tribute of my respect and esteem.

President Lincoln writes General John F. Miller: “Suspend execution of Young C. Edmonson, until further order from me.”

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