President Lincoln Watches Torchlight Procession Backing His Reelection

October 21, 1864

Tad Lincoln joins President Lincoln in observing a Republican torchlight procession from the second floor of the White House. Later, crowd calls for President, and he responds briefly.”   Journalist Noah Brooks later reports: “a splendid torchlight procession gotten up by the Lincoln and Johnson Club of this city. Nothing so fine has ever been seen in this city, and seldom, perhaps, has it been outdone elsewhere. Measuring by the length of the avenue, the procession was over two miles long, and it was resplendent from end to end with banners, torches, fireworks, transparencies and all of the paraphernalia of such a demonstration. Few finer sights could be shown than view of the length of Pennsylvania avenue, vanishing in the distance, gemmed with colored lights, flaming with torches, and illuminated with the lurid glare from shooting fires of red, green and blue Roman candles — the whole procession creeping like a living thing and winding its slow length around the White House, where the President looked out upon the spectacle…”   Stanley Kimmel wrote in Mr. Lincoln’s Washington: “Some fighting, the burning of a McClellan flag, and several arrests, enlivened the evening. In view of the immense number of persons on the streets, the amount of cannon-firing, and the incessant discharge of fireworks, it was remarkable that nothing of a more serious nature occurred.”

President Lincoln writes a pass for Judge James Hughes: “All officers of the Army and Navy of the United States are hereby authorized and required to afford every facility in their power to James Hughes of Indiana and his authorized agents or employees in the transmission to market of cotton or other products of the states in rebellion purchased by him or his agents, including transportation and protection, any orders to the contrary notwithstanding.”

Baltimore American editor Charles C. Fulton writes President Lincoln about the recent Maryland elections on October 12: “Owing to delay in receiving official returns of vote of Maryland troops on new constitution2 there has been considerable uncertainty felt as to result but all uncertainty is now removed by the arrival tonight of the commissioner sent to collect the vote in Sheridans army the new constitution has been clearly adopted by a majority of not less than 300 several organizations including the 3d Regt in West Va & the 3d Cav’y at Ft Gaines Mobile Bay these it is expected will considerably increase majority.” The election narrowly but conclusively approved the new Maryland constitution abolishing slavery.”

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