Negotiations Proceed to Get General John C. Frémont Out of Presidential Race

September 21, 1864

President Lincoln writes Edward R. S. Canby: “Gen. Baily, of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, is vouched to me as entirely trustworthy, and appeals to me in behalf of the people in his region, who he says are mostly Union people, and are in great destitution—almost absolute starvation. He says their condition is greatly aggravated by Gen. Banks’ expedition up Red-River, last Spring, in reliance upon which they mostly took the oath of allegiance. Of course what Gen. Baily asks is permission to carry provisions to them. This I will not give without your consent; but I will thank you to hear and consider their case, and do for them the best you can, consistently with the interests of the public service.” A day earlier, Gen Baily has explained to me his application to the President to allow him to collect in New Orleans and send to his empoverished friends in the Parish of Rapides La. food & raiment. Will you allow me to say to the President through you in regard to this mission.

Historian Bruce Tap wrote in Over the Shoulder: “Traveling to Washington, Philadelphia, and New York, Chandler labored diligently to negotiate a deal to save the Republican party. But the headstrong Fremont surprised him by deciding unconditionally to withdraw from the race, writing a letter of withdrawal that castigated the president. Chandler was furious, his scheme to oust Blair apparently compromised. Although Lincoln was peeved at the tone of Fremont’s letter, Chandler’s stubborn insistence that the president had made a deal (Fremont’s withdrawal in exchange for Blair’s resignation) finally wore the president down and he assented. Blair resigned and radical Republicans rallied behind Lincoln to defeat McClellan.”

Presidential aide John Nicolay leaves for New York to discuss political situation there with Republican boss Thurlow Weed at his request.

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