President Lincoln Meets with New York Congressman Fernando Wood

September 11, 1864

President Lincoln writes his wife on vacation in Vermont: “All well. What day will you be home? Four days ago sent despatch to Manchester Vt. for you.”

Presidential aide John G. Nicolay writes home a summary of the events of the past week: “While the week just passed has bought us no event of startling nature or great magnitude, there have been some lesser ones that are gratifying, and which assist materially in improving the general feeling of the country, and especially the political situation.

1st Sherman’s Victory at Atlanta, according to the details received proves in every way as effective and important as was expected from the first and incomplete report.

2d McClellan having written and published his letter of acceptance, and having attempted in it to ignore and dodge the question presented by the on this point, in his party, irreconcilable, and has developed a row in the happy Democratic family which promises to be serious – two influential New York papers having already repudiated him. ‘Got it husband, go it bear.’

3d The publication of Grant’s letter in which he gives an encouraging view of the military situation, and tells the country the true road to peace is through hard fighting till the rebellion is put down.

4th The Vermont election which shows from 3 to 5000 gain on her former Republican majority.

5th The ready acceptance by the moneyed men of the new 30 Million Loan recently offered by [William P.] Fessenden, about three times the amount having been bid for.

Altogether the results of the week are most cheering and inspiring. The political situation has not been as hopeful for six months past as it is just now. There is a perfect revolution in feeling. Three weeks ago., our friends everywhere were despondent, almost to the point of giving up the contest in despair. Now they are hopeful, juvilant, hard at work and confident of success.

We are anxiously awaiting the result of the election in Maine day after tomorrow, which will have a very decided influence on the campaign. Our friends there are sanguine of success.

Hay has not yet returned and I cannot yet decide whether or when I will come west.

Early in the morning, the President meets with Congressman Fernando Wood at the Soldiers’ Home.


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