Political Position of President Lincoln Strengthens

September 10, 1864

New York Republican boss Thurlow Weed writes Secretary of State William H. Seward that Republican opposition to President Lincoln has virtually ended in New York:

“The conspiracy against Mr Lincoln collapsed on Monday last. It was equally formidable and vicious, embracing a larger number of leading Men than I supposed possible. Knowing that I was not satisfied with the President they came to me for co-operation; but my objection to Mr L. is that he has done too much for those who now seek to drive him out of the Field.

Their last Meeting was early last week at the house of Dudley Field. It was attended by Greeley, Godwin, Wilkes, Tilton, Opdyke, Curtis Noyes, and twenty five others of the same stripe.

Gov Smith, of Vermont, received a “Circular,” ten days ago, signed by Greeley, Godwin or Tilton, inquiring whether Vt would vote for Lincoln; whether in his Judgment Lincoln would be re-elected; and whether the Nomination of another Union Candidate for President, would weaken the Union Cause.

Finally, on Monday last, finding that their conspiracy would “Fizzle,” they concluded to buck up, go to the State Convention, claim that the Draper and Andrews5 De Delegates [were?] Regular, and [recognised?] of the President. This gave them the Convention Now, as two years ago, they refused to give us an Old Whig for Lt– Governor So we go.

Attorney Solomon Newton Pettis writes to President Lincoln about Ohio politics: “As I signified to you from Jefferson Ohio, a few days since. I called upon Senator Wade and invited him to address our people at Meadville next Saturday in reply to Vallandingham who speaks to them there to day–

Our politicians thought it was policy to obtain his service for two reasons. 1st There are many in our North Western counties very radical indeed as I have before told you, and another class opposed to us that flattered themselves that Wade would oppose you. Taking these things together I thought it important to have him in the harness early in your favor. I hope I have not displeased you in the premises, as I meant it for your benefit, as I consider your success in November as essential to the existence of Union and the Goverment–

His heart is in the cause as much as ever, and the only hesitancy he manifested I think was from the awkwardness of his position at complying — but he will be there if he lives & give us his best–

He asked me what you said about his course.5 I said I thought you felt more than you said, but that I did not think that you questioned his integrity or fidelity in the cause we are all engaged in, but that at times he was to sanguine– My own opinion is that Wade signed that manifesto without reading it–

In other Ohio news, President Lincoln orders: “The term of one hundred days for which the National Guard of Ohio volunteered having expired, the President directs an official acknowledgment to be made of their patriotic and valuable services during the recent campaigns. The term of service of their enlistment was short, but distinguished by memorable events. In the Valley of the Shenandoah, on the Peninsula, in the operations on the James River, around Petersburg and Richmond, in the battle of Monocacy and in the entrenchments of Washington, and in other important service, the National Guard of Ohio performed with alacrity the duty of patriotic volunteers, for which they are entitled to and are hereby tendered, through the Governor of their State, the National thanks.”

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