President Lincoln Responds to House Inquiry into Congressman Frank Blair

May 2, 1864

President Lincoln writes to the House of Representatives: In compliance with the request contained in your resolution of the 29th ultimo, a copy of which resolution is herewith returned, I have the honor to transmit the following” documents related to Francis P. Blair, Jr.’s resignation as a general in November 1863 and then reinstatement by Lincoln in April 1864.

President Lincoln writes General Stephen A. Hurlbut in Louisiana: “Gen Farnsworth has just been reading to me from your letter to him of the 26th. ult. I snatch a moment to say that my friendship and confidence for you remains unabated, but that Gen’s Grant & Thomas cannot be held to their just responsibilities. if they are not allowed to control in the class of cases to which yours belongs.”

From one stand point a court of Inquiry is most just, but if your case were my own, I would not allow Gen’s Grant and Sherman [to] be diverted by it just now

White House aide William O. Stoddard writes in an anonymous newspaper dispatch:

“It is true that the trees are full of buds and blossoms, and some are even putting out their small green leaves to make sure of the spring, and a few adventurous birds are singing, now and then, but it must be from a sense of duty, for the day had no spring sunshine in it, not any temptations to make music. It is not altogether because it is cold and raw and chilly, after a heavy rain in the night, or that the clouds cover the sky grimly from horizon to horizon; but it is more than this, because somehow or other we have all made up our minds that the veil of secresy which covers Grant’s plan and movements will soon be rent asunder, and all will be made plain to us by the red light of terrible battle-fields.””

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