President Lincoln Receives Socks and Book

April 13, 1864

J. Rutherford Worster writes President Lincoln: “Herewith please receive another pair of Sandal-Socks, which, I think will suit your foot better, as they are somewhat higher in the heel and the material, not quite so heavy. I would suggest wearing the lighter description of cotton or silk socks, which, strange as it may seem, I have found to be much cooler in summer and warmer in Winter. Mr President, if you will please endorse me to Genl. Grant, on the accompanying paper, with your views of the utility of the sandal, for the preservation of the feet, on long marches, of infantry, and the prevention of strag’ling &c — I will put a pair on the Genl. as I am going out to the front this evening, and present to him the views those Genls and other men of distinction entertain, who wear them.

Publishers T. B. Peterson & Brothers send President Lincoln a campaign biography by David B. Williamson: “We have this day sent you per mail two copies of the “Life of President Lincoln,” to be published to-morrow by us, which we should be pleased to have you accept, and if you a moments leisure look over it, and if there is any errors in it, advise us & we shall be pleased to make the corrections before printing another edition.” New York Times editor Henry J. Raymond was also working on a campaign biography of the President.

Attorney General Edward Bates writes in his diary: “Just as I began to write the President (as he suggested I should) about Genl. Wilde’s, confiscation order, of Norfolk, comes a package from the War Department (Genl. Canby) with the Report of Genl. Wilde to Genl. Butler, and Genl. B[utler]’s to [the] sec: [of] war, upon the case of the confiscation of Williams’ estate.”

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