William T. Sherman Asks Not to Be Promoted to Major-General

April 2, 1864

General William T. Sherman writes to General Henry W. Halleck: “I wish you to say to the President that I would prefer he should not nominate me or any one to the vacant major-generalship in the Regular Army. I now have all the rank necessary to command, and I believe all here concede to me the ability, yet accidents may happen, and I don’t care about increasing the distance of my fall. The moment another appears on the arena better than me, I will cheerfully subside.”

Massachusetts businessman John M. Forbes visits Navy Secretary Gideon Welles writes in his diary that Forbes “talked of the President, – his want of energy, decision, promptness, in consequence of which the country suffered. It was evident from what I gathered that Mr. Forbes waned another candidate than Abraham Lincoln and hence he desired delay [of the National Union Convention]. Forbes mean well. His heart is right. He is shrewd and sagacious, but men betray their feelings and partialities unavoidably. I have no doubt he desires to have mr. Chase a candidate, though he speaks of only Ben Butler, whom he dislikes.”

Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton reports to President Lincoln: “The information you desired in respect to colored persons in the service has just been furnished and I hasten to lay its substance before you….

The official returns of the Bureau of Colored troops show

1 Total Number of troops of African descent enlisted organized armed & mustered into the United States service as soldiers ———————————————– 71.976

2d Of these it is estimated that the number of fugitive slaves and Colored persons emancipated by the Presidents proclamation amount to … 58. 433

3d Free Colored persons who have volunteered or been drafted ————— 13.543.

4. Official returns from the Quarter Master & Commissary Department are not yet complete but the returns already received by the Quarter Master General show that the number of Colored persons enrolled in its service as teamsters &c are over … 11000

The actual number when all the official returns come in will probably more than double this number. They are equivalent to an equal number of white persons.

5. The Commissary returns are too incomplete to afford a basis of any estimate but will at least amount to one half of the Quarter Masters Department.

6. To the above number are to be added the cooks officers servants &c amounting to several thousand.

Louisiana Governor Michael Hahn reports to President Lincoln: “The “Conservatives,” (pro-slavery men) on account of their signal defeat in the election of State officers on the 22nd of February, had no hopes of success in the election of the 28th ultimo, for a Constitutional Convention, and consequently made no formal nomination for Delegates. For this reason and the fact that there was a heavy rain on the day of election, there was not so full a vote polled as had been cast on the 22nd of February.

I have the pleasure of announcing to you that every Delegate thus far Known to have been elected is a Free State man. This virtually ends the contest here, and makes Louisiana a Free State.

The Lincolns watch a performance of “Faust” at Grover’s Theatre.

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