The Pomeroy Circular is Distributed in Support of Chase Candidacy

February 8, 1864

A second anti-Lincoln letter is circulated by supporters of Secretary of Treasury Salmon P. Chase.  Historian William Frank Zornow wrote in  Lincoln & the Party Divided: “Miscalculating the effect of their first pamphlet on the American public, Chase’s manager prepared a second circular, dated February 8, for distribution.  Since this document bore the signature of Senator Samuel Pomeroy, it has gone down in history as the ‘Pomeroy Circular,’ although that gentleman was not its author.  As in the case of the first document it was franked out by several prominent Unconditional congressmen.  This second pamphlet was allegedly distributed in response to the circular sent out in January by Simeon Draper’s committee.  The Pomeroy Circular was marked ‘strictly private,’ but as is frequently the case with such things, it soon appeared in the public journals and on February 22 it was given to the people generally over the wires of the Associated Press.”

President Lincoln meets with Wisconsin Senator James R. Doolittle, later writing Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton: “I saw Doolittle and made your views known to him. He is altogether tractable on the question and thinks there is no danger of precipitate action.

President Lincoln writes Arkansas’s recently elected Governor Isaac Murphy: “My order to Gen. [Frederick] Steele about an election was made in ignorance of the action your convention had taken or would take. A subsequent letter directs Gen. Steele to aid you on your own plan, and not to thwart or hinder you. Show this to him.”

At night, President and Mrs. Lincoln attend a performance of “Sea of Ice” at the Washington Theatre.

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