President Lincoln Pushes Secretary Chase for New Trade Regulations

January 25, 1864

President Lincoln writes Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase: “Not intending to hurry you, may I ask if the new provisions about trade in cotton and sugar are nearly ready to go into effect?” Chase responded: “Will you have the goodness to name an hour today, either at the Executive Mansion or here, which you will give to the final revision of the new regulations of trade, with me.’

President Lincoln writes Tennessee Governor Andrew Johnson: “The oath in the proclamation may be administered by the Military Governor, the Military commander of the Department, and by all persons designated by them for that purpose.  Loyal as well as disloyal should take the oath, because it does not hurt them, clears all question as to their right to vote, and swells the aggregate number who take it, which is an important object.  This is the President’s reply to your questions of the 14th.  I intend to start for Nashville in the morning.  Will go directly through–stopping a few hours in Cincinnati, where a dispatch will reach me.”

Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner accompanies the Lincolns to Grover’s Theater,for a performance of “Gamea.” The Washington Evening Star reports “[The] theater was overflowingly filled . . . on the occasion of the first appearance of [Felicita] Vestvali, who undoubtedly made a great hit.”

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