President Focuses on Presidential Campaign

January 10, 1864 

President Lincoln meets about his presidential renomination with Francis P. Blair, Sr. and former Ohio Governor William Dennison regarding presidential campaign.  Welles writes in his diary the next day: “Mr. Blair, the elder, and Governor Dennison of Ohio called on me last evening. The chief talk related to Presidential matters, current events, and proceedings in Congress. They were both at the President’s to-day, and it seems some conversation took place in regard to Senator Hale’s strange course towards the Navy Department, he being Chairman of the Committee. The President said it was to him unaccountable except in one way, and that did no credit to Hale’s integrity. It was unpleasant to think a Senator made use of his place to spite a Department because it would not permit him to use its patronage for his private benefit.

Both Mr. Blair and Governor Dennison were pretty full of the Presidency, and I apprehend they had a shadow of doubt in .regard to my opinions and preferences, and yet I know not why they should have had. The subject is one on which I cared to exhibit no intense partisanship, and I may misjudge the tone of public sentiment, but my convictions are and have been that it is best to reelect the President, and if I mistake not this is the public opinion. On this question, while not forward to announce my views, I have had no concealment.

President Lincoln writes: “Major General [Ethan Allen] Hitchcock, Commissioner of Exchanges, is authorized and directed to offer Brigadier-General [Isaac R.] Trimble now a prisoner of war in Fort McHenry, in exchange for Major White, who is held as a prisoner at Richmond. He is also directed to send forward the offer of exchange by Henry M. Warfield, Esq. of Baltimore, under a flag of truce, and give him a pass to City Point.”

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