President Lincoln’s Life is Threatened

January 4 , 1864

“Joseph” writes a letter that warns President Lincoln has been “weighed in the balance,” found wanting, and will be dead within six months.   From Germany, the American Minister to Prussia, Norman B. Judd, writes a more hopeful letter to his old Illinois political colleague:

I am here again — have been the official routine and settled down — but my thoughts still wander back to the land where all my hopes and wishes are centered– For want of better occupation I speculate over the contingencies connected with the next nomination– The people over whom you rule are dreadfully in earnest, and the earnest men will have their way– Compromising or as it is called “conservative” men will not control the next convention– You belong in principle to the radicals although in execution your caution leads many people to call you conservative– Your declaration in 1858 is enough for all doubters– The more I heard and saw whilst at home, the more was I convinced that some action on your part was necessary to satisfy the public that certain members of the cabinet did not speak for you– That was done in the message1, but the significant notice was the recal of [General John] Scofield I hope that has resulted in calming down the Angry waters Gratz wrote me a short not saying his interview was perfectly satisfactory, and if carried thro, there was peace

Before the next convention you will have to meet the question of whether your constitutional advisers are to continue the same during another term– So get ready for the question– I am opposed to committals as a general rule– I do not beleive that there ever was any such committals as required you to lay aside your judgment– If made at Chicago the men were more secretive than their past history induced any one to think and if I do’nt hear, I am rather apt to suspect what is going on amongst persons with whom I act– But all such are exhausted and I think your next four years should be with your own men — the rebellion destroyed you do not need philosophers for advisers– Congress intends to stick its nose into frauds &c, allow me to say — as soon as any thing is developed “Honest old Abe” must strike the offender and without delay make it your own act — not driven thereto– Harlan’s bill is to shelve old Taney and I suppose elevate Chase– I do’nt think you can do the best until you have beaten him– You know I do’nt believe elections — primary — carry themselves– Chase has his ” flagacious” individuals running all over organizing and stirring up his friends

The P. O. Dep. Interior — and Provost Marshal Genl. aught to have theirs– I think everything needs inspecting in February, by prudent, close mouthed sagacious Lincoln men– Are or have you done any thing for [Franz] Siegel– It is important as the public believe your Genl. in Chief crushes him against your will–

[Herman] Kreismann has written Mr Seward for leave of absence for three months to go to the U. S. I hope it will be granted

Although a great way off I mean my friends shall know I am alive– Can you write a few lines to

Yr friend

President Lincoln is named an honorary officer of Ladies Great National Sanitary Fair.  The fair is schedule for later in January.

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