Slow Day at the White House

December 30, 1863

The only known activity on President Lincoln’s schedule is recognizing José Carlos Tracy as consul of Peru at New York.  In New Orleans, General Nathaniel Banks writes President Lincoln a long letter regarding reconstruction in Louisiana.  Responding to President Lincoln’s letter of November 9, Banks begins:

Your message and proclamation, can not fail to produce great national results.1 They offer an escape to many classes of people in the South, who will not fail to yield their assent to the conditions imposed. Proofs of this are presented daily by men of the army, as well as in civil life, who desire to return to their allegiance in conformity with the conditions of your Proclamation.

Much reflection, and frank conversation with many persons who know the southern character, thoroughly confirm me in the opinion I expressed in my recent letters, that the immediate restoration of a State government upon the basis of an absolute extinction of slavery at the start, with the general consent of the people, is practicable.2 There are many ideas connected with this subject which have never been presented, here at least, and which cannot fail to carry conviction to the public mind. I have been greatly surprised to find how readily my conclusions have been accepted by men of strongest southern sympathies, attachments and interests….

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