A Cabinet Meeting without Substance

December 29, 1863

Regular Cabinet meeting is held in the afternoon rather than the morning.  Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles neglects to note any issues discussed but does record who is absent: “Seward was not at the meeting of the Cabinet. Chase avoids coming in these days. Blair is ill.”

President Lincoln writes a memo to summarize his meeting with a group of Baltimore leaders: “To-day Mr. Sterling, State Senator for Baltimore City, and Mr. Silverwood, Rep. of same city, Mr. Newnes Deputy States Atty for same city, and Judge King of Common Pleas of same city, call & protest against the removal of Joseph J. Stuart, as Collector of 2nd. District. The District includes seven wards of the city, & Mr. Silverwood resides in the Districts, but the others do not.”

Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner writes the Duchess of Argyll: “Our Chief Justice is at the point of death.  Chase will probably be his successor.  I found the Presdt. last night studying how to meet these exigencies.”  Chief Justice Taney would survive for another nine months.

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