President Lincoln Meets with California Politicians

November 13, 1863

A group of political leaders, led by California Senator John Conness visit President Lincoln to present him with a cane owned by the late California senator David Colbert Broderick, who had been killed in a duel in 1859.   According to the Cincinnati Gazette, “The President then accepted the cane, and, with much emotion, replied that he never personally knew the Senator’s friend, Mr. Broderick, but he had always heard him spoken of as one sincerely devoted to the cause of human rights. Testimony to this point of his character had been borne by those whom he had not intimately known, as also by those with whom he was personally and intimately acquainted, and, with all of them, the testimony had been uniform. The memento which was presented him by Senator Conness was of that class of things, the highest honor that could be conferred upon him. If, in the position he had been placed, he had done anything that entitled him to the honor the Senator had assigned him, it was a proud reflection that his acts were of such a character as to merit the affiliation of the friends of a man like David C. Broderick. Whether remaining in this world or looking down upon the earth from the spirit land, to be remembered by such a man as David C. Broderick was a fact he would remember through all the years of his life. The proudest ambition he could desire was to do something for the elevation of the condition of his fellow-man. In conclusion, he returned his sincere thanks for the part the Senator bore in this presentation, and to the memory of his great friend.”

President Lincoln learns that the Missouri legislature has elected  B. Gratz Brown, a Radical Republican, and John B. Henderson, a conservative, as the state’s U.S. senators.  The president and Senator Henderson will get along well and Henderson will introduce emancipation legislation in early 1864. Senator Brown, however, would be a continuing thorn in Lincoln’s side.

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