Pennsylvania and Ohio Election Results Cheer President

October 14, 1863

President Lincoln writes to New York Republican Thurlow Weed: “I have been brought to fear recently that somehow, by commission or omission, I have caused you some degree of pain.  I have never entertained an unkind feeling or a disparaging thought towards you; and if I have said or done anything which has been construed into such unkindness or disparagement, it has been misconstrued.  I am sure if we could meet we would not part with any unpleasant impression on either side.” In response Weed wrote on October 18: ‘Amid your great and constant responsibilities I regret that you should have been annoyed by an small grief of mine.

‘It is not, however, pleasant to be misunderstood.  I certainly was pained to learn that you regarded my controversy with the N.Y. Tribune as a personal quarrel with Mr. Greeley, in which both were damaging our cause.

‘If, a year or more since, when ultra Abolition was rampant, I had not throttled it, rescuing Republican organizations from its Incendiary influences, the North would have been fatally divided, and your power to serve the Country as fatally paralized.  But if, by this time, your experience of the ‘Horse Leech’ exactions of that spirit is either profitable or pleasant, I must have erred ir. endeavoring to ‘cut its claws, and draw its teeth.’

‘My ‘quarrels’ are in no sense personal.  I am without personal objects on interests.  I have done something in my day towards Electing Presidents and Governors, none of whom have found me an expensive Partizan.  Possible some Gnetlement in Power may have derived advantage and found relief in a Friend, without ‘Axess’ of any kind to ‘Grind.’

‘I have confided unwaveringly, in your Integrity and Patriotism, from the begining of this Rebellion, the certainty and magnitude of which I foresaw; and I have earnestly and faithfully laboured to uphold your Administration.

‘But I am consuming too much of your time.  Dismiss me from your thoughts, or if you remember me at all, remember that I do not desert those in power who are faithful to their Country, or permit personal griefs, real or imaginary, to interfere with the discharge of any duty.  If you will carry our Country safely through its great Trial–and I know you will if you can – I will serve, honor and bless you – with all my strength and whole heart, as long as LIfe is given to me.’

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