Pennsylvania Politics Concern President Lincoln

October 10, 1863

Former Secretary of War Simon Cameron writes President Lincoln about politics in Pennsylvania: “One of the largest meetings of the campaign was held last evening in Spring Garden. My friend Hazelhurst, was the principle speaker, and closed thus,

You have renominated Gov – Curtin! Why! because he has been faithful to the Union & the constitution. It foreshadows another renomination in 1864! You write upon your banner now And Curtin, the Union & the constitution. You will write upon your banner in 1864 Abraham Lincoln. The Liberator of the Slaves of the republic of America.

This was received with tremendous applause, although a few of the immediate friends of Curtin seemed disappointed, for it is understood that he now aspires to have your place, in the White House

At noon, President Lincoln meets with several British naval officers including Rear Admiral Alexander Milne, the British ambassador Lord Lyons, and Secretary of State William H. Seward.

General George Meade writes President Lincoln regarding the military situation in Virginia – from where Union troops had been shifted to support operations in Tennessee: “Every indication would lead to the conclusion that the enemy’s cavalry attacking me are supported by a large force of infantry, and there are some reasons to believe there is a movement into the Shenandoah Valley. . . . I am quite positive no troops have left Lee’s army for the West…”   President Lincoln responds: “Am interested with your despatch of noon.  How is it now?”

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