President Lincoln Suspends Three Executions

October 8, 1863

In separate notes to General George C. Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac, President Lincoln suspends executions of three soldiers.   In the case of August Blittersdorf, charged with desertion, President Lincoln writes: “I am unwilling for any boy under eighteen to be shot; and his father affirms that he is yet under sixteen.”

After reading the report of Montgomery Blair’s Rockville speech on October 3, Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens writes Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase:

I have read with more sorrow than surprise the vile speech made by the P.M. Genl.  It is much more infamous than any speech made by a Copperhead orator.  I know of no rebel sympathizer who has charged such disgusting principles and designs on the republican party as this apostate. It has and will do us more harm at the election than al the efforts of the Opposition.  If these are the principles of the Administration no earnest Anti-Slavery man will wish it to be sustained.  If such men are to be retained in Mr. Lincoln’s Cabinet, it is time we were consulting about his successor.

From Auburn, New York, Secretary of State William H. Seward writes President Lincoln regarding a campaign speech he gave in Chicago: “I do not know how successfully I met your wishes in what I said at Chicago on the point you indicated to me – I was less fully reported on that point than I spoke. But I find a report of my speech at Dubuque in the N. York Times in which the subject which had given you uneasiness was presented fully and strongly.

We arrived here on Saturday night and I find no reason to doubt that this State will redeem all the promises we have made. Hoping and trusting firmly in your success and the cause.

From Kentucky, Judge Advocate Joseph Holt, himself a Kentucky native writes President Lincoln: “I venture to place in your hands the enclosed truthful picture of the condition of things in Ky, in support of the conviction felt by all her true sons, that not a moment should be lost, in giving to the Western army a leader whose movements upon the enemy shall be active aggressive & incessant. I shall rejoice with joy unspeakable, if such a man can be found.”

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