President Lincoln Anxious about Union Troops in Tennessee

October 7, 1863

President Lincoln telegraphs Tennessee Governor Andrew Johnson: “What news have you from Rosecrans’ Army, or in that direction beyond Nashville? “  Johnson responded: “Nothing definite from the front. Our hopes are strong that all will come out right, the damage on the R.R. is being rapidly repaired. Telegraph wire will be up tonight. Chattanooga must be held.”

Kansas Senator Samuel Pomeroy sends presidential aide John G. Nicolay a note from Boston about affairs in Kansas and Missouri: “I have not desired to be in Washington – during the visit of my colleague & the Missouri Delegation.

I am entirely willing that you should tell the President in whose policy I entirely coinside. That it is as well for him to go slow, in Missouri — as to go fast– And if he desires a more vigorous policy – in that Department, Schofield3 is his man to execute. They will now stand from Schofield, what they would resist – from a new man!  Schofield is both able and willing to carry out fully all the views of the President. And the “conservatives” will not object to Schofields measures, and we, ” radicals,” aught to be satisfied with measures – of policy – well executed – and not quarrel about men –

I have seen much of Mo – And know that the President can inaugerate any Emancipation Policy he choses – and Schofield will come cheerfully up to the work, and the people will take from him – what could not be forced down them, by a man — against whom they were prejadiced –

Mr. Dole has been out with me — and I think his views coinside with mine.– I wish the President would see him — soon as he returns to Washington– Of course — I do not wish any one, save the President – to know my opinions. And dont care to have him influencd by them– But time must be given Missouri to work herself out – Measures can be adopted next month or next year – that cant be made to go this month or this year –I think that Mr. Lincoln fully understands the case – and I am with him – and shall stand by him –

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