President Lincoln Accedes to a Widow’s Request

September 9, 1863

President Lincoln writes Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton regarding a conversation with the Cordelia A. P. Harvey, the advocate for hospitalized Union soldiers who was the wife of the deceased governor of Wisconsin:  “Mrs. Harvey wishes the Hospital to be named for her late husband.”

Presidential aide John Hay writes: “A despatch came…from Rosecrans written in a most querulous and discouraged tone, saying to Halleck that his orers warning Rosecrans agst a junction of Johnston & Bragg were too late: the junction could not be prevented: he must fight both: Gen Burnside’s movement was independent of his: he knew nothing and expected nothing from him: The gravest apprehensions were justifiable: they were the legitimate consequences of Halleck’s orders: all that oculd now be done was for Bunrside to close in on his (R’s) left and throw forward his right to threaten the enemy while he ® caught the enemy in his grip & either strangled him or perished in the attempt.

The President read it with a quiet smile.  He said he did not believe the story of Johnston’s jnction.  Johnston was watching Mobile.  Roscrans was a little excited.  In the afternoon a despatch in a better tone came from Rosecrans.  He intimated that the prospect was the enemy would leave Chattanooga without a fight.”

Hay noted the next day: “This morning the despatches confirmed the last view, justified, as usual, the President’s instinct, and proved that Rosecrans was a little stampeded.”

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