Slow August Day in Washington

August 25, 1863

President Lincoln issues an order for clearance of vessels headed for New Orleans: “1st. That clearances issued by the Treasury Department for vessels or merchandize bound for the port of New-Orleans for the military necessities of the Department cert[i]fied by Brigadier General Shepley the Military Governor of Louisiana, shall be allowed to enter said port.”

2nd. That vessels and domestic produce from New-Orleans permitted by the Military Governor of Louisiana at New-Orleans for the military purpose of his Department, shall on his permit be allowed to pass from said port to its destination to any port not blockaded by the United States.

President Lincoln writes Isaac N. Morris: “Your note, asking what you were to understand, was received yesterday. Monday morning, I sent the papers to the Secretary of the Interior, with an indorsement that my impression of the law was not changed, and that I desired him to take up the case and do his duty according to his view of the law. Yesterday I said the same thing to him verbally.

Now, my understanding is that the law has not assigned me, specifically, any duty in the case, but has assigned it to the Secretary of the Interior. It may be my general duty to direct him to act; which I have performed. When he shall have acted, if his action is not satisfactory, there may, or may not, be an appeal to me. It is a point I have not examined; but if then it be shown that the law gives such appeal, I shall not hesitate to entertain it when presented

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