President Has Concerns from Maine to California

July 8, 1863

Navy Secretary Gideon Welles writes in his diary: The President sends me a strange letter from [Vice President Hannibal] Hamlin, asking as a personal favor that prizes may be sent to Portland for adjudication,–says he has not had many favors, asks this on personal grounds.  Mr. Hamlin spoke on this subject to me, — said the President referred it to me;–and both he and Mr. [William P.] Fessenden made a strong local appeal in behalf of Portland.  In informed them that such a matter was not to be disposed of on personal grounds or local favoritism…”

President Lincoln writes the Republican candidate for governor of California, Frederick F. Low: “There is no doubt that Gen. [George] Meade, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, beat Lee, at Gettysburg, Pa. at the end of a three days battle; and that the latter is now crossing the Potomac at Williamsport, over the swollen stream & with poor means of crossing, and closely pressed by Meade. We also have despatches rendering it entirely certain that Vicksburg surrendered to Gen. Grant on the glorious old 4th.”

President Lincoln writes Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas of the pursuit of General Robert E. Lee: “Your despatch of this morning to the Sec. of War is before me.  The forces you speak of, will be no immagineable service, if they can not go forward with a little more expedition.  Lee is now passing the Potomac faster than the forces you mention are passing Carlyle.  Forces now beyon[d] Carylye, to be joined by regiments still at Harrisburg, and the united force again to join Pierce somewhere, and the whole to move down the Cumberland Valley, will, in my unprofessional opinion, be quite as likely to capture the Man-in-the-Moon, as any part of Lee’s Army.”

General Henry W. Halleck tries to push General Meade, writing: “There is reliable information that the enemy is crossing at Williamsport. The opportunity to attack his divided forces should not be lost. The President is urgent and anxious that your army should move against him by forced marches.”

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