Invasion Fright in Washington

June 21, 1863

Presidential aide John G. Nicolay writes home: “Pennsylvania and Maryland have had another ‘invasion’ fright, and not without some reason, though I believe it is truning out to be only a raid.  Lee’s army has moved up towards Harper’s Ferry, though precisely where, or for what purpose, I think is not yet definitively settled.  Hooker is on the alert, has moved his forces so as to keep within reach of him, ready to attack or defend as may become judicious.”

President Lincoln writes General Joseph Hooker: “Operator at Leesburg just now tells us that firing commenced about 7 this morning in direction from here of Aldie’s Gap and Middleburg; has continued all day, and has receded from him, and is apparently now about White Plains; was very heavy this morning, but lighter now.”

President Lincoln telegraphs Genera John M. Schofield, military commander of Missouri: “I write you to-day in answer to your despatch of yesterday. If you can not await the arrival by mail, telegraph me again.”  The previous day, General Schofield had written: “The action of the Missouri state convention upon the question of Emancipation will depend very much upon whether they can be assured that the action will be sustained by the General Government & the people protected in their slave property during the short time that slavery is permitted to exist. Am I authorized in any manner directly or indirectly to pledge such support & protection? This question is of such vital importance to the peace of Missouri that I deem it my duty to lay it before your Excellency.”

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