President Lincoln Revokes Suspension of Chicago Times

June 4, 1863

President Lincoln writes Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton regarding closure of the Chicago Times by General Ambrose Burnside: “I have received additional dispatches which, with former ones, induce me to believe we should revoke or suspend the order suspending the Chicago Times, and if you concur in opinion, please have it done.”  Burnside had ordered  suppressing the circulation of Chicago Times.  Historian Robert Harper wrote in Lincoln and the Press: “All members of the President’s Cabinet regretted Burnside’s action On the very day Burnside issued the suppression order (June 1), Secretary of War Stanton was writing to him tht Lincoln was displeased with General Hascall’s actions in Indiana.  Just then Stanton got word that he Times had been suppressed.  After talking it over with the President, Stanton added a postscript to say Lincoln thought the General should revoke the order, that suppression would do more harm than good, and he asked to be consulted on all newspaper questions.”  Not everyone was happy with the president overruling Burnside: “Joseph Medill and his Chicago Tribune, unwavering supporters of the Union, were indignant.  The Tribune declared the President’s action in revoking the suspension was as ‘unexpected’ as Burnside’s had been.”

President Lincoln also ordered General Joseph Hooker: ‘Let execution of sentences in the cases of Daily, Margraff, and Harrington, be respited till further order from me, they remaining in close custody meanwhile.”

President and Mrs. Lincoln later listen to recitation of Shakespeare at a private Washington residence.

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