Pilot Rights and Peace Missions Concern President

May 21, 1863

Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles writes in his diary: “Had an early call from the President, who brought a communication from Tassara to Seward, complaining of violation of neutral rights by a small pilot-boat, having a gun mounted amidships and believed to be an American vessel, which was annoying Spanish and other neutral vessels off the coast of Cuba.  The President expressed doubts whether it was one of our vessels, but I told him I was inclined to believe it was, and that I had last week written Mr. Seward concerning the same craft in answer to Lord Lyons, who complained of outrage on the British schooner Drea, but I had also written Admiral Bailey on the subject.  I read my letter to the President. He spoke of an unpleasant rumor concerning Grant, but on canvassing the subject we concluded it must be groundless, originating probably in the fact that he does not retain but has evacuated Jackson, after destroying the enemy’s stores.”

President Lincoln writes General William S. Rosecrans regarding an Illinois chaplain who wants to talk about a peace mission to Richmond: “For certain reasons it is thought best for Rev. Dr. [James] Jaques[s] not to come here. Present my respects to him, and ask him to write me fully on the subject he has in contemplation.”   Rosecrans had written Lincoln “The Rev. Dr Jaques Col of Seventy third (73) Illinois, a man of high character & great influence in the Methodist Church has proposed a mission to the South which in my judgment is worthy of being laid before you. Will you authorize me to send him to Washington for that purpose.”

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