President Lincoln at Alleged Seance

Mary Todd Lincoln was very interested in spiritualism and repeatedly attended seances at the White House and elsewhere.  On this date, President Lincoln also allegedly attends.

Regarding the application of the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln writes to former Congressman Joseph Segar: “My recollection is that Accomac and Northampton counties (Eastern Shore of Va.) were not exempted from a Proclamation issued some short while after the adjournment of Congress; that some time after the issuing of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, in September, and before the issuing of the final one on January 1st. 1863, you called on me and requested that “Eastern Shore of Va” might be exempted from both the Summer Proclamation, & the final emancipation Proclamation. I told you that the non-exemption of it from the former, was a mere omission, which would be corrected; and that it should also be exempted from the final emancipation Proclamation. The preliminary Emancipation Proclamation does not define what is included, or excluded; but only gives notice that this will be done in the final one. Both yourself and Gen. Dix, at different times, (Gen. Dix in writing) called my attention to the fact that I had omitted to exempt the “Eastern Shore of Virginia” from the first proclamation; and this was all that was needed to have me correct it. Without being reminded by either him or yourself, I do not think I should have omitted to exempt it from the final Emancipation Proclamation; but at all events, you did not allow me to forget it. Supposing it was your duty to your constituents to attend to these matters, I think you acted with entire good faith and fidelity to them.”

On April 21, General William Rosecrans wrote President Lincoln `Thrice has notice directly come to me that some complaint has been lodged in the minds of persons high in authority or in records in the War office against the working of my army policy or that there was a conflict of authority between the civil & military each time I have stated that I know of none & asked for the specification that I might remedy the evil No reply has been given No information of what this all means. Can There be anything wrong I want to know it & appeal to you to please order the complaints to be communicated to me fully. If the Fox is unearthed I will promise to skin him or pay for his hide.”

President Lincoln responds: “Your despatch of the 21st. received. I really can not say that I have heard any complaints of you. I have heard complaint of a Police corps at Nashville; but your name was not mentioned in connection with it so far as I remember. It may be that by inference, you are connected with it; but my attention has never been drawn to it in that light.”

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