Presidential Party Returns to Washington

April 10, 1863

President Lincoln reviews the last two corps of the Army of the Potomac – the XI and XII Corps.   Journalist Noah Brooks writes that the last review “was held on the 10th, when the Eleventh Corps, Major General [Oliver O. Howard, and the Twelfth, Major Gen. Slocum, were inspected in due form….The march was a triumphal one, the troops of several corps being drawn up, without arms, along the line of travel, and for miles there was an intolerable yell of cheers for ‘the President,’ ‘Joey Hooker,’ ‘Mrs. Lincoln,’ ‘the boy’ meaning ‘Tad’ – and occasionally there was a jocose cheer for  ‘a fight, shure,’ or ‘the bully boy of Williamsburg,’ and once a good humored call of ‘and send along the greenbacks.’”

The presidential party leaves the Army of the Potomac of the Army late in the late afternoon and travels aboard the Carrie Martin back to Washington.  John G. Nicolay writes fellow presidential aide John Hay: “The President and Mrs. L. Went to Falmouth last Saturday and are there yet.  I guess the Tycoon has concluded to follow your example and go on Hooker’s staff.”   Hay writes Nicolay from South Carolina: “I have written some particulars of my interview with Admiral Dupont which I thought the President should know.”   Hay writes President Lincoln about his meetings: “I was several times struck by the identity of opinion and sentiment between Admiral Dupont and yourself.  You had repeatedly uttered, during my last week in Washington, predictions which have become history.”

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