Meetings about Promotions and Ranks

March 9, 1863

Arkansas’s Military  Governor John S. Phelps meet with President Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin M.  Stanton regarding  army of 12,000 to 15,000 men in Arkansas to help in an attack on Vicksburg, Miss.

Missouri problems continue to preoccupy President Lincoln.  Marvin R. Cain, biographer of Attorney General Edward Bates wrote: “By mid-March, after new intrigues involving Curtis, Gamble, and Schofield, Bates had persuaded Lincoln to act.  The President well realized Missouri’s importance in the structure of the Union and the importance of supporting Gamble’s government.  On March 9, 1863, Lincoln directed Stanton to appoint General E.V. Sumner, veteran commander of the Second Corps in the Army of the Potomac, as the new military commander in Missouri.  Delighted, Bates arranged to talk with Sumner before the latter left Washington.  During their discussion he emphasized the ncessity of a cordial relationship betwen the Gamble government and the Federal command.”

Conflict over Connecticut patronage continues.  Navy Secretary Gideon Welles writes that he “[h]ad a call from Senator Dixon.  Is depressed and unhappy.  Regrets that he opposed the confirmation of Howard. Says if the subject was to be gone over again his course would be different.  I did not attempt to soften or excuse his conduct, but told him I was sorry he did not listen to my suggestions.”

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