Cabinet Meeting Discusses Religious Service at Capitol

February 19, 1863

Navy Secretary Gideon Welles writes in his diary of today’s Cabinet meeting: “The President desired a consultation as to the expedience of an extra session of the Senate.  Chase favored.  Seward opposed.  No very decided opinion expressed by the others.  I was disinclined to it.”  Welles then described the discussion for President Lincoln to attend a religious service on Sunday at the Capitol:

The President has been invited to preside at a meeting for religious Christian purposes on Sunday evening.  Chase favored it.  All the others opposed it but Usher, who had a lingering, hesitating, half-favorable inclination to favor it.  Has been probably talked with and committed to some extent; so with Chase.

The  President on Tuesday expressed a wish that Captain Dahlgren should be made an admiral, and I presented to-day both his and Davis’s names.

Commenting on the cabinet meeting, Attorney General Edward bates wrote: “In C. C. today, the Prest. mentioned the question of brevetting the meritorious regular officers, among whom promotion is so slow.”

President Lincoln asksd Secretary of the Interior John Palmer Usher to “see my old friend, Dr. [Anson] Henry, now from Oregon.”  The president also writes his old law partner, William H. Herndon: “Would you accept a job of about a month’s duration at St. Louis, five dollars a day & mileage?”  Herndon apparently declined the offer.

President Lincoln writes New York political boss Thurlow Weed, apparently regarding fund-raising for New England elections: “The matters I spoke to you about are important; & I hope you will not neglect them.”

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