Discussion of Future Command of the Army of the Potomac

January 24, 1863

General Ambrose Burnside essentially gave President Lincoln an ultimatum – either his subordinates were dismissed or he should be replaced. Burnside biographer William Marvel wrote: “It was about seven o’clock in the morning when their steamer docked at Washington, Burnside went directly to the White House, saw Lincoln, and told him he could not continue in command unless Order Number 8 met with approval.  ‘I think you are right,’ the president said, and asked the general to return after he had had a chance to speak with Halleck and Stanton.  Burnside joined his rested comrades at Willard’s, said a premature goodbye to Mr. [Henry] Raymond, and returned to Falmouth with the secretary and Robert.  He may have napped an hour on the boat that afternoon.  By midnight the three of them reached Washington again.  Burnside went at once to the president, who sent him to Willard’s for some sleep after arranging a ten o’clock interview with Halleck.”

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