West Virginia Statehood Debated at Cabinet Meeting

December 26, 1862

The Cabinet meets to discuss statehood for West Virginia.   President Lincoln had requested the Cabinet members’ opinions on the subject earlier in the week.   Navy Secretary Gideon Welles writes in his diary that Postmaster General “Montgomery Blair read his opinion of the proposition for making a new State of Western Virginia.  His views correspond with mine, but are abler and more elaborately state.  Mr. Bates read a portion of his opinion on the constitutional point, which appeared to me decisive and conclusive.  The President has called for opinions from each of his Cabinet.  I had the first rough draft of mine in my pocket, thought not entirely copied.  Chase said his was completed, but he had not brought it with him.  Seward said he was wholly unprepared.  Stanton assured the President he would be ready with his in season.  The President said it would answer his purpose if the opinions were handed in on or before Tuesday.”

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