President Lincoln Frustrated with General Nathaniel Banks

November 22, 1862

Having decided to replace Louisiana’s military Governor, Benjamin F. Butler, with another political general from Massachusetts, Nathaniel Banks, President Lincoln is frustrated with the failure of Banks to depart quickly for New Orleans.  He writes:

Early last week you left me in high hope with your assurance that you would off with your expedition at the end of that week, or early in this.  It is now the end of this, and I have just been overwhelmed and confounded with the sight of a requisition made by you, which, I am assured, can not be filled, and got off within an hour short of two months!  I inclose you a copy of the requisition, in some hope that it is not genuine–that you have never seen it.

My dear General, this expanding, and piling up of impedimenta, have been, so far, almost our ruin, and will be our final ruin if it is not abandoned.  If you had the articles of this requisition upon the wharf, with the necessary animals to make them of any use, and forage for the animals, you could not get vessels together in two weeks to carry the whole, to say nothing of your twenty thousand men; and, having, the vessels, you could not put the cargoes aboard in two weeks more.  And, after all, where you are going, you have no use for them.  When you parted with me, you had no such idea in your mind.  I know you had not, or you could not have expected to be off so soon as you said.  You must get back to something like the plan you had then, or expedition is a failure before you start.  You must be off before Congress meets.  You would be better off any where, and especially where you are going, for not having a thousand wagons, doing nothing but hauling forage to feed the animals that draw them, and taking at least two thousand men to care for the wagons and animals, who otherwise might be two thousand good soldiers.

Now dear General, do not think this is an ill-natured letter–it is the very reverse.  The simple publication of this requisition would ruin you.

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