President Lincoln Attends Church

October 5, 1862

Historian Wayne C. Temple wrote in Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet, wrote that President Lincoln “proceeded to attend services at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.  There, he was closely observed by one member who described the extreme sadness etched deeply upon Lincoln’s face. This observer thought that the pathos exhibited by Lincoln was Christ-like.  He had so many wearisome burdens to bear for his people in this time of crisis.”

General George B. McClellan writes his wife: “The Presdt left us about 11 yesterday morning.  I went with him as far as over the battle field of South Mtn & on my way thither was quite surprised to meet Mr. Aspinwall en route to my camp…”

The Presdt was kind personally — told me he was convinced I was the best general in the country etc etc.  He was very affable & I really think he does feel very kindly towards me personally.  I showed him the battle fields & am sure he departed with a more vivid idea of the great difficulty of the task we had accomplished.  Mr. Aspinwall is decidedly of the opinion that it is my duty to submit to the Presdt’s proclamation & quietly continue doing my duty as a soldier.  I presume he is right & am at least sure that he is honest in his opinion.  I shall surely give his views full consideration.  He is of the opinion that the nation cannot stand the burdens of the war much longer & that a speedy solution is necessary — in this he is doubt correct — & I hope sincerely that another successful battle may conclude my part of the work.  I will try to find time to think over the whole affair today & tonight, & do my best to hit upon some plan of campaign that will enable me to drive the rebels entirely away from this part of the country forever.

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