News Reaches Washington about Antietam Stalemate

September 18, 1862

General George B. McClellan writes General Henry W. Halleck: “The battle of yesterday continued for fourteen hours, and until after dark.  We held all we gained except a portion of the extreme left that was obliged to abandon a part of what it had gained.  Our losses very heavy, especially in General officers.  The battle will probably be renewed today.  Send all the troops you can by the most expeditious route.” McClellan writes his wife: “We fought yesterday a terrible battle against the entire rebel army.  The battle continued 14 hours & was terrific — the fighting on both sides was superb.  The general result was in our favor, that is to say we gained a great deal of ground & held it.  It was a success, but whether a decided victory depends upon what occurs today.  I hope that God has give us a great success.  It is all in his hands, where I am content to leave it.  The spectacle yesterday was the grandest I could conceive of — nothing could be more sublime.  Those in whose judgment I rely tell me that I fought the battle splendidly & that it was a masterpiece of art.  I am well nigh tired out of anxiety & want of sleep.”

God has been good in sparing the lives of all my staff.  Genls Hooker, Sedgwick, Dana, Richardson & Hartsuff & several other general officers wounded.  Mansfield is dead I fear, but am not certain — I just learn that he is not mortally wounded…

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