White House Calm before the Antietam Storm

September 14, 1862

There are no big meetings on the President’s schedule. About this time, Lincoln aide John Hay wrote in his diary: “Today, going into the Executive Mansion, I met Governor Seward coming out.  I turned back and walked home with him.  He said our foreign affairs are very much confused.  He acknowledged himself a little saddened.  Walking on, he said, ‘Mr Hay what is the use of growing old?  You learn something of men and things but never until too late to use it.  I have just now found out what military jealousy is.  I have been wishing for some months to go home to my people but could not while our armies were scattered and in danger.  The other day I went down to Alexandria and found General McClellans army landing.  I considered our armies united virtually and thought them invincible.  I went home and the first news I received was that each had been attacked and each in effect, beaten.  It never had occurred to me that any jealousy could prevent these generals from acting for their common fame and the welfare of the country.”

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