Calm Before the Battles in Washington

August 10, 1862

Sunday is quiet at the White house although President Lincoln meets with a New York Judge who offers to raise a black regiment In South Carolina, Union David Hunter dissolves the black regiments he formed.

General George B. McClellan is sure that his replacements cannot do better than he did.  McClellan wrote his wife that General Henry W. “Halleck is turning out just like the rest of the herd — the affair is rapidly developing itself, & I see more clearly every day their settled purpose to force me to resign.  I am trying to keep my temper & force them to relieve me or dismiss me from the service.  I have no idea that will be with this army more than two or three weeks longer & should not be surprised any day or hour to get my ‘walking papers.’  I have a strong idea that Pope will be thrashed during the coming week — & very badly whipped he will & ought to be — such a villain as he ought to bring defeat upon any cause that employs him.” McClellan added: “I am inclined to believe that [General John] Pope will catch his Tartar within a couple of days & be disposed of.  The absurdity of Halleck’s course in ordering the army away from here is that it cannot possibly reach Washn in time to do any good, but will necessarily be too late — I am sorry to say that I am sorry to the conclusions that H. is very dull & very incompetent — alas poor country!

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