President Lincoln Considers Reployment and Recruitment of Troops

July 28, 1862

At the War Department in the morning, President Lincoln L meets with Halleck and Burnside, recently returned from meeting with General George B. McClellan.  Congressman George W. Julian recalled: “Just before leaving Washington I called on the President again, and told him I was going to take the stump, and to tell the people that he would cooperate with Congress in vigorously carrying out the measures we had inaugurated for the purpose of crushing the rebellion, and that now the quickest and hardest blows were to be dealt.  He told me I was authorized to say so, but said that more than half the popular clamor against the management of the war was unwarranted; and when I referred to the movements of General McClellan he made no committal in any way.”

President Lincoln writes Union governors: “It would be of great service here for us to know, as fully as you can tell, what progress is made, and making, in recruiting for old regiments in your State.  Also, about what day the first new regiment can move from you–what, the second, what the third, and so on.  This information is important to us in making calculations.  Please give it as promptly, and accurately as you can.”

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