President Lincoln Preparing Statements Regarding New Orleans

July 27, 1862

Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase writes in his diary: “A telegram from Genl. Morgan this morning apprised me of his resignation, and of his wish that I would secure its promptly acceptance.  I went, therefore, to the War Department, wishing to oblige him, and also to secure Garfield’s appointment in his place…

From the War Department I went to the President’s to whom I spoke of the resignation of Morgan and of substituting Garfield, which seemed to please him.  Spoke also of the financial importance of getting rid of McClellan; and expressed the hope that Halleck would approve his project of sending Mitchell to the Mississippi.  On these points he said nothing.  I then spoke of Jones, the Sculptor, and of the fitness of giving him some Consulate in Italy, which he liked the idea of.  He read me a statement (very good) which he was preparing in reply to a letter from [Thomas J. Durant] in New-Orleans, forwarded by Bullitt.”

General George B. McClellan writes his wife: “You ask me whether I advised the Presdt to appoint Halleck — the letter of which I sent you a copy is all that ever passed on the subject, either directly or indirectly — not another word than is there written.  We never conversed on the subject — I was never informed of his views or intentions, & even now have not been officially informed of the appt.  I only know it through the newspapers.  I an all these things the Presdt & those around him have acted so as to make the matter as offensive as possible — he has not shown the slightest gentlemanly or friendly feeling & I cannot regard him as in any respect my friend — I am confident that he would relieve me tomorrow if he dare do so.  His cowardice alone prevents it.  I can never regard him with other feelings than those of thorough contempt — for his mind, heart & morality.  I can assure you that my regard for the A of P is the only feelings that induces me to remain in the service…”

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