President Lincoln Returns to Washington after Visit to the War Front

July 10, 1862

After a three-day trip to the Virginia war and a grounding on Kettle Shoals, President Lincoln’s steamer docks at Navy Yard.  He is accompanied by Assistant Secretary Peter H. Watson.

General George B. McClellan has been agitated by Lincoln’s visit.  McClellan writes his wife Mary Ellen: “I do not know what paltry trick the administration will play next — I did not like the Presdt’s manner — it seemed that of a man about to do something of which he was much ashamed.  A few days will however show, & I do not much care what the result will be.  I feel that I have already done enough to prove in history that I am a General, & that the causes of my want of success are so apparent that no one except the Chandler tribe can blame me hereafter.  My conscience is clear at least to this extent — viz: that I have honestly done the best I could; I shall leave it to others to decide whether that was the best that could have been done — & if they find any who can do better am perfectly willing to step aside & give way.  I would not for worlds go through that horrid work again — when with my heart full of care I had to meet everyone with a cheerful smile & look as light hearted as tho nothing were at stake!”

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