President Lincoln Visits Military Leaders on his Way Back to Washington

July 9, 1862

Leaving Harrison’s Landing, President Lincoln stops briefly at Fort Monroe where he dies with General Ambrose Burnside aboard the Alice Price.

General George B. McClellan writes his wife to complain about the president’s visit to the war front: “I telegraphed you briefly this afternoon that I thought secesh had retired — this opinion seems to be fully confirmed — at least tot he extent of his having fallen back a certain distance — he is not within 6 or 7 miles of us even with his cavalry & considerably further with his infantry.  I am not sorry on the whole that he has gone, for the reason that it will enable my men to rest tranquilly — just what they need.  I do not expect to receive many reinforcements for some time — even Burnside’s men are halted at Ft Monroe by order of the Presdt!  His Excellency was here yesterday & left this morning.  He found the army anything but demoralized or dispirited — in excellent spirits.  I do not know to what extent he has profited by his visit — not much I fear, for he really seems quite incapable of rising to the height of the merits of the question & the magnitude of the crisis.  I will enclose with this a copy of a letter I handed him, which I would be glad to have you preserve carefully as a very important record.

I thank you a thousand times for your kind & loving sympathy you have evinced for me in my trials.  I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to have your sweet sympathy.  I do feel that God has ordered all these later events for some wise purpose.  I am sure of it.

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