President Lincoln Meets With Journalist Returned from the War Front

June 29, 1862

Union and Confederate armies continue to confront each other in the Seven Days’ Battles outside Richmond.  President Lincoln interviews Baltimore American editor Charles C. Fulton.  Historian Robert S. Harper wrote: “In June of 1862, Fulton obtained a special pass from the War Department to observe the army in Virginia.  On a four-day tour of the front, he covered the action at the White House, the fighting before Richmond and made a general survey on the Peninsula.  The information he gathered was eagerly awaited by President Lincoln, and a special train was sent to return Fulton to Washington.   After reporting to the President, Fulton went home to Baltimore.” Fulton wrote up his account and filed it with the Associated Press. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton ordered Fulton arrested.

Presidential aide John G. Nicolay writes: “The city here is almost wild with rumors and suspense.  The news has been so completely kept from the public that up to this morning no one had a serious suspicion of what was going on.  This morning, however several persons reached the city who left Fortress Monroe yesterday, and of course brought with them all the rumors prevailing there.  These have been caught up here with great avidity and repeated wit their usual additions and embellishments.  Some enterprising newsgatherer has collated these, sifted an intelligent report out of them as nearly as he could, and posted it up on the bulletin board at the Hotel.  I think it makes the story much better for us than it really is.”

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